Kitty Playdate

This is pretty darn cool - It's an interactive system that allows online users anywhere in the world to interact and play with shelter cats in the Bideawee animal shelter in Midtown East. Users get 2 minutes to control the three toys in the room. For the most part the cats look bored, but the idea behind it is pretty great. I wish I could do this with my pets at home.


Happy birthday, Seester

Happy birthday to my favorite (and only) sister.  Last year I surprised her by showing up at her door in NYC.  This year I am doing a blog post for her with a birthday cat.  Guess you can't win them all.


Penguins need sweaters.

I wish I knew how to knit.  After a recent oil spill in New Zealand, little penguins are in need of warmth and protection.  A call has gone out to knitters.  I love that there are even patterns for penguin jumpers.


Caution Exotic Animals

This whole situation makes me sick. 

Einstein: The World's Smallest Horse

In the process of helping a friend plan her birthday party (which may or may not include horseback riding), I came across the following video on a local farm's blog.


Heros in a half-shell.

This is pretty funny.  And a little ridiculous that there is already a tumblr dedicated to it.


We're gonna win Tigers?! Delmon's gonna score.

For a very brief period (i.e. this week), I can proudly say that I am big Detroit Tigers fan.  Thank you Tigers and Delmon Young for beating the Yankees last night. Yankees - how does it feel to be first round losers for once?  Not so great, huh?  Maybe you should increase your already massive payroll....

Store love: Wendy Nichol

File this one under "Stuff I can't afford, but love anyway." I stumbled upon Wendy Nichol's online store recently and can say quite honestly that I love everything there.  Now if only we could knock some zeros off the price-tags....

Gauze Vintage Slip Dress

Large DT Pyramid Back Stud

Billy Kid Washed Tote

4 Stitch Knit Cuff

Small DT Cone Hoops

Large Golden Diamond Shell