Crime Watch.

This morning I somehow found myself reading the North Metro Police Blotter on the StarTribune.com.   Here are some of my favorites:
Theft. A slinky, a softball glove and two sets of racquetballs were stolen from a vehicle on the 1700 block of Coon Rapids Boulevard NW.
Child welfare. Two 5-year-old boys were playing in a dumpster at Woodcrest School, 880 Osborne Rd. NE. with no supervision. The boys' guardians were located and counseled on proper babysitting guidelines.
Assisting a family. A woman from an apartment building on the 5400 block of 7th Street NE. called police to report that her 13-year-old son was texting people she did not know and she didn't want him to do that. An officer advised her to take the cellphone away from the child.

And some favorites from the western suburbs:
- While on foot patrol in the Excelsior Commons park July 3, an officer came upon two individuals sitting on a park bench behind the hill located behind the band shell. As the officer approached, it appeared they were drawing on the park bench with a wide tip sharpie marker. Damage estimates pending from the city.
- A 20-year-old Shorewood man was arrested July 3 for disorderly conduct and consumption of alcohol under age 21. The suspect was standing in front of a taxi blocking its path at Maynard's Restaurant, 685 Excelsior Blvd., in Excelsior waving his arms in the air, moving back and forth, trying to prevent the taxi from leaving. The suspect then made an obscene gesture at the occupants, extended his middle fingers and "flipped off" the occupants, all while yelling and arguing. The suspect then opened the taxi door and attempted to punch one of the occupants.

Big Pretty Kitties.

A great article in New York Times about a very lovely wild critter.


Blu Dot Rugs

Blu Dot, of my favorite designers/purveyors of modern furniture, has just launched its first line of rugs.  We acquired one of their awesome one-of-a-kind rug prototypes a couple years ago, and have been waiting ever since for their full line launch.  It has arrived and it's awesome - simple, modern, lovely. 


Daily Piglet.

Pollee, You Freak Me Out.

I am not coordinated.  This means a couple things: I trip a lot and I can seldom pee outside successfully.  Going to outdoor festivals is generally an exercise in bladder-control and patience.  Men can pee anywhere and so long as it's nowhere near me I am totally cool with that and a little jealous.  Apparently other women feel the same - thus the creation of the Pollee the first women's urinal.    This, in idea, is good.  How public it is and potentially prone to ickiness is what freaks me out. I am particular about what gets near my lady parts.  I'm not quite sure if this meets the bill...

Open Question.

Do people really buy art (or browse art) by color?  I've always purchased art on the premise of whether or not I like it and whether I would like it hanging in my home.  Increasingly more and more sites (Etsy, 20x200, seem to all offer a sort by color option.  Do folks really think, "Gee, a hot pink painting would look fierce with with my new throw pillows.  Gotta find me one."

Animals like the good life.

Yesterday, New York Times came out with a review of The Exultant Ark by Jonathan Balcombe. Balcombe's book discusses how animals, like humans, enjoy the simple pleasures of life: sunbathing, snuggling, tasty food, comfort, etc.  This should come as no surprise for pet owners.   Also, check out the cute accompanying slide show.


Good News for Fatties

When our plump kitty Stella ran away from home last year, one of our neighbors asked how big she was.  Now I know why.  Last week a red hawk attempted to abduct a fat kitty named Eddie in NYC only to drop him because he was too heavy.  I love this quote from Eddie's owner: "The moral of the story is essentially: Your flaws can be an asset. In Eddie's case, his chubbiness saved him."


Complete Double Rainbow (Toad)

This toad is way cooler than the ones that live in our window well.  It is also quite remarkable and rare - It hasn't been spotted since 1924!

Product Love: The Target Wine Cube

I am currently obsessed with the Target Wine Cube.  They are a great deal - $17.99 for the 3-liter cube, $11.99 for the 1.5-liter cube, and $8.99 for a 4-pack of the 250MLs, which I lovingly like to refer to as individual serving adult juice-boxes.  Unfortunately MN doesn't allow for booze to be sold at non-convenience/liquor stores, and I sadly (or not) don't do much traveling by car out-of -state.  When I leave MN, I am generally on a plane with only a carry-on.  For folks lucky enough to find themselves at a Target that carries these little treat boxes, I highly recommend the White Sangria, the Australian Chardonnay, and the Pinot Grigio.  I am also told the reds are good, but I wouldn't know personally.

MN State Government Shutdown

The MN State Government Shutdown is now in its thirteenth day.  At first, I selfishly thought to myself: I don't get any type of state assistance, don't work for the government and don't camp or fish, so why should I care?  Good question.  My thoughts have now changed.  I feel bad for state workers out of jobs, etc., etc.  But the real reason I am pissed off is that my commute just got a heck of a lot longer and nastier AND I can no longer get my favorite cheap light beer at the liquor store.  This is garbage.  The governmental idiots in change of this BS left the 394 HOV lane ONLY outbound.  WTF?  Fantastic.  I love bottlenecks.  Speaking of which... MillerCoors is getting booted off the shelves statewide due to some crap paperwork error.  This is a load of garbage.  I can't go back to drinking Bud Light.  It makes me burp.  Come on Minnesota!  Get your act together!


Daily Art: Jennifer Davis

You can add this post to "nothing new." I have been a fan of Jennifer Davis' work since I moved back to Minneapolis from Boston way-back-when.  Her paintings are fabulous and I am lucky enough to own four or five of them.  I am also addicted to checking out her etsy site (thus my burgeoning Jennifer Davis collection).  Here are some of my favorite recent (and not so recent) pieces:





Fortune Teller

Sit Still

Also how cool is this?  Jennifer started doing custom pet portraits!  Sign me up!


Stupid Human of the Day

Another idiot baseball fan risking life and limb for a home run ball.  And this time it happened at the Home Run Derby, where catching a ball means nothing.  Good work buddy. 


Damien Hirst Deck Chair

Damien Hirst just came out with his first deck chair.  I enjoy a good butterfly print as much as the next girl, but I guess I expected more from the artist who has covered skulls in crystals and pickled a bulls head.  In design, the chair looks a little too much like something I could snap up at Ikea for $12.99 and not feel bad when I drunkenly bust it 2 weeks later.   It comes in six colors, all with differing layouts, has a stainless steel plate bearing Damien's signature, and retails for a whopping $425/chair.  I think I'll have to take a pass on this one.