Unlikely Animal Friendship: Owl & Cat

Thank you, Nick Blackburn.

After sitting through a really really painful Twins game on Monday (weather was great, seats were amazing, Twins hitting was solid, Twins pitching, especially closers were HORRIBLE), last night's game was a real treat to watch.  Nick Blackburn pitched a full game for the win. Thank you, Nick Blackburn.  The rest of your fellow pitchers could learn a thing or two from you.


Can't stop eating. . .

Damn you, Haribo!  I am having some serious self-control issues when it comes to the following two products:


Online Shop: Mod Cloth

Flowers are blooming.  Weather is warm.  I am tired of being cooped up in an office all day.  Time for some spring online shopping.  Here is some stuff I wouldn't mind owning from Mod Cloth.

Yes, Yes, Shawl

Beau-tea-ful Surprise Mug in Fox

Vest Possible Combination

Dianthus Fields Dress


A Mushroom kind of day.

I have had no fewer than seven mushroom encounters today (no, not the magic kind).  I have had two people show me pictures of morels growing in their yards. I have seen three Facebook posts regarding mushrooms.  At lunch I learned that people hunt mushrooms in Iowa.  And now there are even mushrooms on 20x200


Go Chi, Go!

I'm pretty sure my dogs could give these other Chihuahuas a run for their money in the Cinco de Mayo Chihuahua races.

Happily Ever. . .

The Tangential always cracks me up.  Today, they've got a post entitled The Five Types of Marriage MN will Outlaw Next.  This is especially pertinent right now, as last Saturday marked the official beginning of the 2011 Wedding Season for the hubby and I.  One wedding down, five or six to go (that I know of and have received save-the-dates for).  Please check out the original post for full explanation and likely giggles or at least a smile.

Five types of marriage Minnesota will outlaw next:
1. Second Marriages - You effed up the first one; why should you get another chance?
2. Civil Marriages - Get married by a priest in a church or go to hell.
3. Marriages over the age of 30 - "These are just shady."
4. Marriages where the Isley Brother's "Shout" is not played at the reception - Too fancy for "Shout?" Didn't think so.
5. Marriages made outside the state of MN - "We can’t trust neighboring states and countries (we’re looking at you, Canada)"

The Making of the Best Commercial Ever.

This video is 1 part Creature Comforts, 1 part Best in Show, 1 part awesome. My husband is obsessed with this commercial.

Best Commercial Ever.

Ikea's new advert - Happy Inside - is quite brilliant.

This was not me.

I've gotten a little tipsy at the airport, but this woman really took pre-flight intoxication to a new level.  She spits, she bites, she misses her flight.

Best part: The image comes from the Star Tribune and is called "Bite 1."


Fantasy Island Fixer-Upper

Looking for a great fixer-upper with a lot of potential?  Have $5.9 million dollars burning a hole in your pocket?  Always dreamed of owning your own island?  Your dreams are about to come true.  I've boated past this place many times over the past couple years and have always wondered: WTF...  A few years back construction was hot and heavy on it - including building a bridge to link the mainland and island.  Then everything went on hold.   Jim Butcha of the Strib seems to be a little slow on his intel - The property has been for sale for awhile.  I am still curious if this private island compound was originally meant to be a private residence or a hotel reminiscent of the Lake Minnetonka hotel heyday in the early 1900s. 

If you're going to San Francisco. . .

Be sure to wear flowers in your hair.  Okay.  I will.  I'm headed tomorrow to one of my favorite cities in the US, San Francisco.  If I couldn't live in Minneapolis, and had a lot more money, I would live in San Fran.  The weather is great.  The city is beautiful.  Shopping and eating (two things that are very important to me) are top-notch.  Napa, Sonoma, and the Russian River, with their vineyards and wineries, are not far.  And there is a wonderful active, outdoorsy lifestyle seemly built in to living there.  Thankfully we have more friends and family living in SF than we could see in two weeks time.  Great for trips and vacations.