Oh weird. It's snowing (again).

When all is said and done, this little dust-up will leave us with 5-7 inches.  I'm over it.  I want sunny and 80.


Missing Money: Give me some.

One of my coworkers sent me the web address for Missing Money - the database for governmental unclaimed property records.  I searched myself and unfortunately have no free missing money coming to me.  Bummer.

I Spilled. . .

Today I spilled: 
Item: Dannon Raspberry Fruit on the Bottom Yogurt
Where: Right down the front of my dark gray shirt.
Damage done: While I was able to clean most of it off, I keep smelling fruity yogurt. . . which sort of smells like fruit roll-up.  Now I want a fruit roll-up. There is also a slight white yogurt mark on my shirt.  Shirt will definitely need to be washed.

I Love Your Shed.

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Drummond - I love your shed


Question: What is more important than the Super Bowl?

Answer: Animal Planet's Puppy Bowl

Check out their starting line-up.



Little Red.



I Heart Har Mar Superstar.

I've had the pleasure of seeing Har Mar Superstar perform a couple of times in Minneapolis.  I have also had the pleasure of encountering him clad only in his undies at the Fine Line bar after performing.  Awesome.


Star Tribune columnist Jim Souhan just posed the following question: Will the Wolves ever matter again? To this, I am sorry to answer, No.  Let's trade the entire team and bring mini-horse racing to the Twin Cities.


Bye bye Nicky Punto.

The MN Twins 2011 season is shaping up to be a good one.  First, we traded Jesse Crain to the Eden Prairie High School Girls Fast Pitch Softball team.  Then, we re-signed Jim Thome.  And now, the icing on my MN Twins Baby Jesus cake: It's looking like we will soon be Punto-free.  Though I am a fan of his cat-like defensive maneuvering, and his ability to some how land a great salary for mediocre play, I will be pretty excited to see him sliding into another team's first base head first next season.


Aliens among us.

Check out the National UFO Reporting Center's maps of UFO sightings from the last 15 years.  Pretty interesting stuff.

Parenting by Gays More Common in the South, Census Shows

File this under "Surprising Fact of the Day." The New York Times just ran an article about how child-rearing by same sex couples is more common in the South than in any other region in the country.  Jacksonville, FL has one of the largest populations of gay parents in the nation. This is surprising for me - I would have figured that the Midwest or one of the coasts would have taken the top gay parenting prize. The South just got a little cooler in my book. 

In related, but unrelated, news: Advocate Magazine just voted Minneapolis as the "Gayest City." Well done, Minneapolis.

Catpack: Ridiculous & awesome.

I need to get one of these catpacks for my husband.  Immediately. 

Coachella. I wanna go.

I want to go to this so bad it hurts. Why does it have to be in CA?  And why is it so darn expensive for me to get there?  Arrgh.


Oh weird. It's snowing (again).

Yep.  It has snowed every darn day this week.

North Brother Island.

I like islands.  I like cool photographs.  I like old buildings.  I like fun historical facts.  I like potentially haunted abandoned mental hospitals.  The Kingston Lounge has brought all of these things together in its photographic exploration of North Brother Island in the Hell Gate area of the East River.


Winter Boots.

In Minneapolis, we are on pace for a recording-setting year in terms of snow and precipitation. This year's weather has made me reconsider my winter footwear.  I have old Sorels that are warm and get the job done, but they aren't cute and they weigh about 40lbs apiece.  I also have bright yellow Marc Jacobs snow boots.  They are cute and light weight, comfy and warm. But they are also bright sparkly yellow and not waterproof.  I need boots that are tough enough to tackle MN winter and also look cute...

 Sorel: Cate the Great

Sorel: Joan of the Arctic

Sorel: Helen of Tundra II

Colette x Sorel Caribou Boot


Oh weird. It's snowing (again).

Let's recap: It snowed yesterday.  It is snowing today.  It will snow tomorrow.  I'm getting used to it though.  The snow has been light and fluffy.  The temperature mild (for winter in MN).  This weather makes me want to go skiing.


Rainbow Sparkle Shelving.

I'm not one to generally go mad for bookshelves, but there is something I really love about how DWR styled their Cubitec Shelving in their catalog.  When I saw it in the catalog, I liked it in the catalog I liked it enough to rip the page out.  I never do that.


Nerd Friday: Update.

And the nerdery continues....


Nerd Friday.

Disclaimer: All of the following images are taken directly from a recent email exchange between 4 people I am related to (not by blood.  By marriage).  Also - I've included the original image names.





I love your house. And your vineyard.

This house kicks ass.  Couple that with the fact that it is also:
A. In my backyard (not literally, but pretty darn close)
B. Also a vineyard: Warehouse Winery
and I'm in love.

Oh weird. It's snowing (again).

I need new boots.  And maybe a pet squirrel.

SOO VAC Partnership Resources Portrait Show.

This event seems pretty cool.  However, I can't get over this picture.  Look at how happy she is.  Do you think for her portrait she asked the painter: "I want you to make me look like a mix between John Candy, Queen Elizabeth and a pug.  Can you do that? Oh you can?  PERFECT."
I also just figured out this lady's name is Kathy.  Brilliant.  I love that name.

Get Lucky 2011

One of my favorite Twin Cities art events is coming up in a few weeks: The Soo Visual Arts Center's Annual Gala - Get Lucky 2011.  I almost always have fun at this event.

Here is a basic run-down of how this evening generally goes for me:
6pm-8pm: Pre-Party.  
Pre-party = heavy on the booze. Light on the food.  In hindsight, I believe this is done on purpose.
8pm-9pm: Arrive at Event.
Down between 3-8 glasses of cheap white wine.  Why?  Because it's free.
9pm: Art time
Start browsing the silent auction.
Spot ridiculous painting containing one of the following: bunnies, kittens, ghosts, Dolly Parton, space creatures, robots, dogs smoking cigarettes.
Decide that painting will be mine.
Bid on Painting, and keep bidding on painting until one of three things happen:
1. Husband says no more bidding on painting, at which time I pout and hit the gift shop. 
2. Sober  up. 
3. Win painting. Yay!  I am a winner.

The Happiest Penguin Ever.

I don't know that many penguins, but this one seems pretty darn happy.


Daily Maru.

Oh Maru. 

I Spilled. . .

Today I spilled: 
Item: Lean Cuisine Garlic Chicken
Where: On my keyboard.  On my lap.
Damage done: My keyboard is sticky and it smells.  I smell. 


Oh weird. It's snowing (again).

File this one under things that are no longer surprising to me: Yep, it's snowing (again....rather heavily) in MN right now.  If we had a few more mountains and a boatload more Mormons I'd swear I was living in Utah.