Daily WTF: Planking

Lately I've noticed a lot of these photos popping up.  Apparently this phenomenon is called "Planking." I prefer to call it "copying our idea from 8 years ago - i.e. dead pictures."

Color me Katie is doing it.  

ibunbun is doing it.

This sucks.  What's next?  Michelle Bachman "planking?"  Or random naked dudes? What?OhNevermind. 


Today is a good day.  The temp is supposed to top out in the high 90s with a heat index of 105, and I don't mind at all. I am currently very excited about:

- The long bike ride to St. Bonnie I took last night
- The fact that weekend yard-work is already done
- That Thursday is my new Friday
- That I am a 7 hours away from a 4-day weekend
- 3 consecutive days of boating, biking, BBQing, friends, fun.
- Fireworks on Lake Minnetonka
- Champagne cocktails on the boat
- Air conditioning
- Our new patio
- Popsicles, boat drinks & champagne cocktails.

Song Love: Moth's Wings by Passion Pit


Wedding Season: What to wear

After some very expen$ive and unexpected puppy surgery a couple weeks ago, I am now trying to save money.   This doesn't necessarily jive with having a bunch of fun summer weddings to go to - both in town and in neat-o places like NYC, Boulder and San Francisco. Me being in savings mode also happens to coincide with some of the cutest dresses ever going on sale.  Boo.

Bike Love: James Perse Cruiser

This is officially the coolest bike ever made.  Ever.  Too bad it's priced more like a car.

Working for the (holiday) Weekend.

The weather gods in MN finally seem to be shining down on us.  Just in time for the long holiday weekend, the forecast is looking ideal - lots of warm, sunny days.  Just in time for 4 days of boating, boozing, biking, and grilling.  I'm also looking forward to another 4th of July on Minnetonka.

Daily Art: Paul Fusco

Lately 20x200 has been offering some amazing special printings and very limited editions.  Recently they offered two beautiful images by Paul Fusco.  The images, which took more than 30 years to be published, were taken from Bobby Kennedy's funeral trail. For the entire artist statement, visit 20x200.

 FUP1968010K003 by Paul Fusco

FUP1968010K052 by Paul Fusco

Skirt love

American Apparel's Chiffon Skirts have been around for awhile.  I still want one. 

Make Way for the Ducklings

I love how a story about baby ducks made the front page of today's Chicago Tribune.


J Crew Summer Sale - The Greatest Hits

I am a sucker for J. Crew Sales.  They are especially tempting when they include free shipping, an additional 20 or 30% off and aren't final sale.  Here are some favorites from their current discounted selections in two of my favorite colors for summer: navy & gold.

Astin Dress

Mini Mesh Supernova Necklace - Love this in the gold & silver

Sequin Line Tank
Knit Chain Necklace
Silk Organza Solana Dress

Lace Stripe Tissue Tee

Stripe Sunburst Tank

Katie Eyelet Cami

Asymmetrical Stripe Cardigan

Sequin Boy Tee

Sequin Fete Dress

Unlikely Animal Friendship: Cat & Dolphins

A cat and some dolphins?  Why the heck shouldn't they be friends? 


Wild Dog Animals

I have to hand it to the Chinese - they are always coming up with ridiculous new inventions and trends to entertain themselves (and the rest of us).  Their newest craze does not disappoint.  They have started to dye their pets to look like other wild animals.  I wish my dogs were fluffy enough to look like pandas.


Etsy Love: Lake Minnetonka Papercut

This is awesome.  I want one.  The only question is in what color. . .

 Lake Minnetonka in White.

 Lake Minnetonka in Royal Blue.

Lake Minnetonka in Teal.


I Spilled. . .

Today I spilled: 
Item: Quaker White Cheddar Rice Cakes
Where: Shirt, pants, chair, desk, floor, shoes, face, hands, keyboard.
Damage done: White powdered goodness allover.  I can only assume this is what Lindsay Lohan's house arrest is like.


Pretty Ponies.

I like happy animal stories.  This one about the near miraculous birth of twin horses fits the bill.



This year, in Minnesota, potholes have been especially bad.  It turns our we are not alone.  After a collision with a massive pothole, Claudia Ficca and Davide Luciano decided to make the best out of the situation - i.e. make some art.  Check out the website for their creative take on the road craters.


Open Letter

Open letter to my boss -

Thank you for coming in to work this week.  You have made it quite clear to us all that you are (very) sick.  I don't believe you when you say you're not "catchy."  I bet you are.  You haven't been to a doctor, so you don't really know.  You are mopey, cranky, and sound like a dying transvestite that swallowed a cat. 

It's really wonderful sitting across from you while you hack, cough, snot your way through the day.  I love that you keep stealing kleenex off my desk and blowing your nose right in front of me.  It makes me really happy that you keep touching stuff on my desk.  Can't you see that I am being EXTREMELY liberal with my antibacterial hand sanitizer?  Back the eff off.

Do us all a favor and go home.

The Minneapolist