Meet the Breeds = Cool looking pets.

One of the main reasons I read the Gothamist each day is because they share my appreciation for cute animals.  Today's photo gallery from American Kennel Club/The International Cat Association "Meet the Breeds" event is no exception.  Here are some favorites.


Star Wars Engagement

File this one under: Humans do the darnedest things.  I originally saw this on the SFist - engagement photos by Michael James featuring a Star Wars loving couple - complete with face paint and light sabers. Good for them. Check out Micheal James' site (linked through the photos below) for the full shoot.  Nothing says "love" like a photo of your fiance mock-beheading you with a light saber.


Best Sweater Ever.

Last night I spent about an hour going through the first wave of holiday catalogs.  J. Crew has some crazy cute stuff right now, but I know it will all be deeply discounted right after Christmas making it hard for me to consider paying full price for any of it.  One item in the Madewell catalog did catch my eye in particular: The Llama Love Sweater.  I will own this sweater.


Perfect Fall/Winter Shoes.

For the last couple months I have been in the market for a shoe to wear during fall/winter that meets the following criteria:
- Not a boot (even a short boot)
- Not a flat (think ballet flats)
- Not a car or driving shoe
- Can be worn with socks
- Slight heel, but not too high
- Comfortable
- Can be worn with jeans/pants and look at-home at work or off-the-clock
After a lengthy discussion with a coworker, I decided to do some investigating, and I am happy to report that I have found what I believe to be the perfect (for me) fall/winter shoes.

Voila! The Frye Carson Oxford.  After trying for sometime to decide on color (black.... it's classic, cognac would look great with jeans....) I decided on the dark brown.  Woohoo!! 


Buy Some Damn Art.

This is a super cool idea. Every Tuesday a carefully curated show featuring a handful of independent art pieces goes live.  Original pieces are priced from $200 - $500.  It looks to be pretty popular as this week's show is already halfway sold out (and it's only Thursday!).

Cheap (Sheep) Lawnmower.

This is brilliant - you can pay $1 per sheep per day to mow your yard.  Why are these sheep not readily available in Minneapolis?


Tiny Dancer.

I've wanted a prairie dog since seeing them for the first time at the MN Zoo when I was little.  Now I want one even more.