Perfect Fall/Winter Shoes.

For the last couple months I have been in the market for a shoe to wear during fall/winter that meets the following criteria:
- Not a boot (even a short boot)
- Not a flat (think ballet flats)
- Not a car or driving shoe
- Can be worn with socks
- Slight heel, but not too high
- Comfortable
- Can be worn with jeans/pants and look at-home at work or off-the-clock
After a lengthy discussion with a coworker, I decided to do some investigating, and I am happy to report that I have found what I believe to be the perfect (for me) fall/winter shoes.

Voila! The Frye Carson Oxford.  After trying for sometime to decide on color (black.... it's classic, cognac would look great with jeans....) I decided on the dark brown.  Woohoo!! 

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