Re-Nest's Favorite Etsy Stores

I like lists and I like Etsy.  Re-Next just came out with a list of their favorite Etsy Stores for 2011.   I am wondering if they actually meant for 2010.... or maybe 1st Quarter of 2011.  Either way, it's well organized and has some gems.  Here are some favorite finds:
Cat on Eames Chair from Olive Dear

Large Wooden Ampersand from Hindsvik

Coverall Antique Store Display from AMradio

Hanging AirPlant Pod from Mudpuppy

Mademoiselle Under the Rain from Blancucha


Cross Country Cab Cruise

Two idiots in NYC offered a cab driver 5k (not including tip) to drive them to LA. Cabs are gross and smell like a mix of pleather, bleach and barf. You couldn't pay me to ride in a cab from NYC to LA.  Okay, maybe you could pay me. . . but it'd have to a heck of a lot more than $5,000.

You can file this under any one of the following headings:
- People are idiots
- Shit I wouldn't do for under 20K
- Stupid human tricks
- Things that are smelly

Water for Elephants - The Film

I don't care what anyone says or how bad or good the reviews are - I am EXCITED for this movie.  I loved the book.  I'm hoping I feel the same about the film adaptation.

Trailer 3

Unlikely Animal Friendship: Dog & Goose

I am a sucker for unlikely animal friendships and this one is pretty darn cute.  This pairing is between a blind boxer named Bax and his seeing-eye-goose, Buttons.  My favorite quote of the story: "They're inseparable now - they even chase the postman together."


Oh weird. It's snowing (again).

This is just getting ridiculous.  It's 4/20 for crying out loud. Even this little snow monkey at the Minnesota Zoo is thinking "WTF?!? It's almost May!"

Rebel Heart: An American Rock 'n' Roll Journey

Over the weekend, I read Bebe Buell's autobiography, Rebel Heart: An American Rock 'n' Roll Journey.  I knew very little about her before checking her book out from the library.  WOW.  What a refreshing and honest account of one's life - for better or worse.  She talks in detail about the many many many famous rock-stars she has been involved with - Todd Rundgren, Iggy Pop, David Bowie, Elvis Costello, Rod Stewart, Jagger, Jimmy Page, Jack Nicholson. . . the list goes on and on.  She also opens up about the great unrequited love of her life, Elvis Costello.  In terms of juicy details and TMI, it's a great read.

Bebe's book was an especially lovely follow-up for me after reading some disappointing memoirs (Carrie Fisher, I'm looking at you).  I just finished Ricky Martin's Me.  Ricky is an interesting person, but just felt like I was reading the same affirming statement over and over again: "It was amazing!" You also have to wonder how interesting a memoir can be when within the first few pages, the famous author says he will not name any names.... and he means it!  You don't even find out what his parents' names are. 


Etsy love: Ashley G

I stumbled across Ashley G's Esty site this morning and I have to say I am a fan.  I love her illustrations and prints.  Here are a few of my favorites:

Singing Cat

Mama Said There'd Be Days Like This
(this just also happens to be a quote from one of my favorite Van Morrison songs).

 Why so blue


Knitty Knitty


Hudson View

New York Times just ran a great article called The Family Museum in their Home & Garden section about a beautiful old house purchased by siblings in the 1960s.  I love that this family - five adult siblings, their widowed mother, and one child - bought a 30-room house and made it their own.  The images and story are quite lovely.


Steve Buscemeyes

Chicks with Steve Buscemeyes: I stumbled across this website this morning.  I am both terrified and intrigued.  It also leads me to wonder: Does Steve Buscemi have a sister?

Gossip Girls with Steve Buscemeyes.

 Avril Lavigne with Steve Buscemeyes.


Tray Pretty.

How cool are these Alexandra Von Furstenburg Fearless Modern Acrylic Trays?  So pretty.


Parking A-holes.

This website, That's Not a Parking Spot, Asshole,  is brilliant.  It neatly expresses why I hate going to Uptown (and parking in Uptown).  I wish I would have better documented the annoying Audi hatchback bitch I used to have to park next to in the loft garage.  She could have been the poster child for this website. 

Big Wheels vs The Bus.

As if this wasn't evident enough for me when I lived in Boston and lived and died with the effing circus-on-wheels known as the 1 bus, comedian Mar Malkoff has proved that riding a NYC crosstown bus is slower than riding a child's big wheels.


Kurt Cobain

Kurt Cobain died seventeen years-ago on this day.  I was in high school and a big Nirvana fan.  At the time, I was probably an even bigger fan of grungy blonde boys.  Seventeen years... that makes me feel really old.