Get Lucky 2011

One of my favorite Twin Cities art events is coming up in a few weeks: The Soo Visual Arts Center's Annual Gala - Get Lucky 2011.  I almost always have fun at this event.

Here is a basic run-down of how this evening generally goes for me:
6pm-8pm: Pre-Party.  
Pre-party = heavy on the booze. Light on the food.  In hindsight, I believe this is done on purpose.
8pm-9pm: Arrive at Event.
Down between 3-8 glasses of cheap white wine.  Why?  Because it's free.
9pm: Art time
Start browsing the silent auction.
Spot ridiculous painting containing one of the following: bunnies, kittens, ghosts, Dolly Parton, space creatures, robots, dogs smoking cigarettes.
Decide that painting will be mine.
Bid on Painting, and keep bidding on painting until one of three things happen:
1. Husband says no more bidding on painting, at which time I pout and hit the gift shop. 
2. Sober  up. 
3. Win painting. Yay!  I am a winner.

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