Happily Ever. . .

The Tangential always cracks me up.  Today, they've got a post entitled The Five Types of Marriage MN will Outlaw Next.  This is especially pertinent right now, as last Saturday marked the official beginning of the 2011 Wedding Season for the hubby and I.  One wedding down, five or six to go (that I know of and have received save-the-dates for).  Please check out the original post for full explanation and likely giggles or at least a smile.

Five types of marriage Minnesota will outlaw next:
1. Second Marriages - You effed up the first one; why should you get another chance?
2. Civil Marriages - Get married by a priest in a church or go to hell.
3. Marriages over the age of 30 - "These are just shady."
4. Marriages where the Isley Brother's "Shout" is not played at the reception - Too fancy for "Shout?" Didn't think so.
5. Marriages made outside the state of MN - "We can’t trust neighboring states and countries (we’re looking at you, Canada)"

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