MN State Government Shutdown

The MN State Government Shutdown is now in its thirteenth day.  At first, I selfishly thought to myself: I don't get any type of state assistance, don't work for the government and don't camp or fish, so why should I care?  Good question.  My thoughts have now changed.  I feel bad for state workers out of jobs, etc., etc.  But the real reason I am pissed off is that my commute just got a heck of a lot longer and nastier AND I can no longer get my favorite cheap light beer at the liquor store.  This is garbage.  The governmental idiots in change of this BS left the 394 HOV lane ONLY outbound.  WTF?  Fantastic.  I love bottlenecks.  Speaking of which... MillerCoors is getting booted off the shelves statewide due to some crap paperwork error.  This is a load of garbage.  I can't go back to drinking Bud Light.  It makes me burp.  Come on Minnesota!  Get your act together!

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