I joined Facebook a couple years ago.  My feelings for Facebook have played out much like a high school romance.
  1. You're cute. I'm curious and intrigued, yet cautious.
  2. I like you - I join.  It's like the 2 weeks leading up to prom.  Everything is shiny and exciting.  All I can think about, talk about, do is Facebook.  
  3. Prom is over.  The magic is starting to wear off.  I don't care if you poke me, send me a plant for my virtual garden, etc. . . . Though I am still enjoying your embarrassing drunk photos.
  4. You are starting to really annoy me.  We should maybe just be friends with no photo-sharing wall-writing privileges.  I spend the next 4 hours turning my profile into Fort Knox. 
  5. Time to clean house.  I'm blocking and hiding like crazy.

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