DWR Gifts Catalog - Color me impressed.

Generally when stores come out with their yearly holiday catalogs I am excited to get mail but am less than impressed with their holiday selections. How many sparkly reindeer t-shirts do I really need (Answer: Two.  I need two sparkly reindeer shirts)?  Or how about a glitter candle or maybe down quilts for my feet?!  These catalogs inevitably end up in the recycling... or the fire.  However, this year I was pleasantly surprised with Design Within (rich people's) Reach. Their "gifts" selection this year is pretty fantastic.  Granted - most are still out of my price-range, but here are some favorites.

Antoine Candelabra - Sir: $650

  Candle Wax Vase: $350

 Peanut Birdfeeder: $49

 Eames® Elephant: $290

Four-Way Vase: $149

Water Drop Jug: $450-$1,600

Etch Pendant: $300

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