Pet Peeves of the Week:

My top five pet peeves for this week:
1. Drivers who slow down for green lights.  Green means go, a-hole.  Thanks for slowing down to a crawl.  Now we both missed the light.
2. The overly aggressive Spotify pop-up bubble. NO, I DO NOT WANT TO SHARE THIS TRACK.  I am embarrassed that I have listened to it 4 times already today. 
3. The new stupid Facebook timeline feature.  I already have such a like/hate relationship with Facebook.  This may push me over the edge.
4. That my two favorite perfumes ( Marc Jacobs Essence and Scoop Perfume) have both been discontinued.  BOOO!
5.  That it is cold outside.  Really flippin cold.  AND windy.  It's been a mild winter, which makes today all the more difficult to handle.

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Snow Bruce said...

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