Translating the Forecast

The Minneapolis Star Tribune is reporting that the Twin Cities is under a winter storm watch for much of the weekend.  A quote from the Strib: The season's first winter storm could drop as much as 12 inches of snow across the Twin Cities area on Saturday, forecasters said Friday. . . The watch area could see 5 to 8 inches of snow, the Weather Service said, with the "axis of heaviest snow" running right through the Twin Cities. Luckily I speak weather forecaster and can translate this:
"first winter storm" = slight chance of slushy garbage
"5 to 8 inches" = no accumulation
"as much as 12 inches" = as little as 0 inches
"axis of heaviest snow" = sort of like the axis of evil
"winter storm watch" = an excuse for people to forget how to drive like little old ladies

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