10 reasons it is going to be a good week.

It's Monday, and I am oddly looking forward to this week.  Here's what I am excited about:

1. Tuesday afternoon boat cruise on Lake Minnetonka - Complete with free booze and food.  Free!
2. The Natural Light beer that I am currently drinking at my desk.  It is cold, in a can, and remarkably refreshing.
3.  First kickball game of fall tomorrow night.  Under the lights.  Just like in high school.  We're also playing a team that wears cut-off jean shorts as part of their uniform, so that's neat too.
4. Wednesday group fun trip to the MN State Fair.
5. Llama Costume Contest at the MN State Fair.
6. Eating tasty food at the MN State Fair.
7. There are fresh WI cheese curds in the fridge at work.  I am eating some and enjoying them. 
8.  I have two free evenings this week!  This never happens!  Yay for free time!
9.  "Party for no Good Reason" on Friday with some of my favorite friends. 
10. This week will be followed by a long weekend.

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