10 Types of People I Don't Like.

Inspired by Becky Lang's list on The Tangential here are a few types of people I could do without.
1. People who eat with their mouths open.  It's bad manners and it drives me nuts.
2. The s l o o o o w talker.  Comeonspititout. 
3. The faux eater / drinker.  They constantly talk about how hungry they are but as you look at their full plate they have taken maybe two bites.  Pushing the food around on your plate is not the same as putting it in your mouth.  Same thing applies to those special individuals that can magically make 1 drink last for 4 hours.  Seriously?
4. The walk-n-stop.  This applies to malls, sidewalks, grocery stores, paths, moving walkways, etc.  If you need to stop for any reason - whether to dig in your purse, or send a text message, or take a picture, or stare at the sky or whatever - move the eff out of the way.  Treat walking like the left lane of the highway. 
5. People who talk about moving (constantly).  Great, you hate Minneapolis or wherever.  Shut the eff up and move already. 
6. Yoga freaks.  Seriously, I don't care.  CorePower Yoga does not give you spiritual enlightenment or make you a better person.
7. The stoplight breaker. The light is green.  This means you slow down so as to purposefully not make it (thus preventing me from making it).
8. People who repeat themselves.  Really?  We've been talking for 10 minutes and all I've heard you say is: You like my top.  You think I have lost weight.  You love me. None of these things are likely true. Congratulations - you are officially a compliment iPod on repeat.
9. Jesus freaks.
10. Stupid people.

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