Funny x 5.

Five things I find funny right now:
1.  Unexpected runners - i.e. people who are not dressed to run.  Examples: Guy in suit with briefcase running for bus.
2. People who are obsessed with Twilight.   It's entertaining, but it's tween fiction.  The target audience is 15 year old girls. Don't name your kid Esme Alice Carlisle Cullen Smith.  It makes you look like a freak and your kid will hate you.
3. The outdated middle-age career woman look.  Nude nylons, white tennies (on your way to work), boring 2 inch Nine West pumps (once at work) should pads, skirt suit from '94, Aqua-Netted hair with [fingers crossed) bangs.  Fierce.
4. Trash-talking about NCAA tournament brackets.  I am in no fewer than 5 bracket pools.  I have watched 0 college basketball games.  I know nothing about college basketball.  I will nonetheless talk mad trash to you about my brackets.
5. Pets in costume.  Especially cats.

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