Restoration Hardware - Well Played.

Normally I find Restoration Hardware very so-so.  Some things I love.  Some I hate.  Usually most stuff falls into the later category.  I received four copies of their new catalog yesterday (2 at work, 2 at home), and after paging through I must report that my feelings have only slightly warmed.  I feel like their overall look is too contrived. Right now they are really pushing this whole French Country home theme.  They also sort of over do it.  If you want to hang old pictures of sports teams, go to an antique store.  Don't buy the same vintage baseball team pic that is hanging in thousands of other homes.  Having said all of this, I will admit that there are a few pieces from the recent collection that I LOVE.  Here are some of my favorites.

1950s Copenhagen Chair

Moose Antlers in Cast Resin

Small Pharmacy Bath Cabinet

Classic Lion Statuary

19th C. Belgian Slanted Sea Trunk

Spitfire Chair

Smooth Antelope Horns in Cast Resin

Furniture Factory Cart

Pharmacy Bath Cabinet with Drawers

Trestle Salvaged Wood Extension Dining Table 

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Chachatron and the Magic Jim said...

agreed. We received RH's catalogue over the weekend. I need that office chair. If only it were $600 less expensive.